U.S. Midderm Political Advertising Blitz Off to a Painfully Slow Start as Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) Dances to Drake to Recruit “Millennial Voter Turnout”

Ohio Democratic lawmaker faces 2018 middterms. But how to recruit to the polls those pesky kids? Her answer: Dance to a drake song because kids love Drake, right?

[…] “As a Member of Congress,” writes John Bowden quoting Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-Ohio) in a thehill.com blog burst titled Dem lawmaker dances to Drake song to promote millennial voter turnout,it’s imperative we tap into trending topics to help deliver important messages to the next generation, especially when it comes to the importance of voting and using one’s voice.

This is but the latest example of how I am bridging the gap between politics/government and millennials” […]

But the cringing millennial standing to U.S. Rep. Beatty’s nine o’clock left seems less than impressed.

Draw your own conclusions.
yours &c.
g.v. wilkes iv

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