Politically Safe to “Contradict FBI” After Disastrous Strzok Performance Before Congress July 12 2018

Trump on the world stage behind a podium; to his left stands Russian President Vladimir Putin. Will he finally acquiesce to the progressive-consensus anti-Russian pro-war narrative of media and political establishment both right and left? Apparently not.  

In a barely coherent series of bullets titled ‘Our relationship had never been worse… but that changed four hours ago’: Trump hails ‘deeply productive’ talks with Putin, as Russian leader admits he wanted Donald to win the US election, Juian Robinson and Chris Pleasance of Mailonline, as well as a crew of losers from Reuters and AP, write:

Trump contradicted his own FBI and backed up his Russian counterpart’s denials, saying: ‘He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.’

To clarify, here is the face of the FBI that Trump had the temerity to contradict behind a podium on the world stage:

The face is that of Peter Strzok. And here is the media party’s response:

High concept pitch for the movie version: Imagine a rogue populist-reformist U.S. President in struggle against progressive-consensus managerial-class elements of his own administration and permanent government. He discovers allies abroad. Can he prevail?

Draw your own conclusions.

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