Frank Newport of Gallup: “Over a Third of Republicans Say Immigration is Top Problem”

U.S. Mid-term elections take place this November. Immigration is the top issue for both centre-left and centre-right, but especially the right and the dissident right of Trump supporter nationalists and civic nationalists. So what is the message that will rescue our troubled republic according to House Democrats? We will reduce prescription drug and healthcare costs, and spend more on bridges and light rail, for the people.

No. I am not joking.


In a blog burst titled Immigration Surges to Top of Most Important Problem List Frank Newport writes:

[…] This month, Republican views of immigration as the top problem have spiked to 35% from 21% in June. But the issue is becoming more top of mind to independents and Democrats as well; 18% of Democrats cited immigration this month, up from 10% in June, and independents’ mentions are up four percentage points, to 17% […]

Also see:

“For the People”–the Formula Decided Upon by Democratic House Leaders to Mobilize the Democratic Party Base of Urban Minority Voting Blocs and the White Swing Voters of Affluent Coastal Suburbs.

Draw your own conclusions.

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