Further Evidence that Immigration is Top Issue in North America: Liberal Party Cabinet Shuffle in Response to Electoral Blow-Out for the Progressive Conservatives Under Doug Ford in Ontario

The most urgent issue among the Atlantic Basin states of the European Peninsula and North America? Mass immigration. But our elites who observe us from the commanding heights of our post-industrial information-based societies–Universities, NGOs, the executives, top managers, and human resources departments of large corporations, and mass-media and mass-entertainment producers–forbid at risk of relentless public shaming, deplatforming, and loss of livelihood, any talk of it let alone sustained and programmatic deliberation on the issue.

So how are electoral formations–governments, office-holders–reacting to the verdicts of angry electorates? With two methods:

(a) Projecting: Shouting down dissent as divisive, unmutual, illiberal,


(b) Mirroring: Co-opting themes and symbols of dissent by means of halts and half-steps.

Both (a) and (b) are on display in the exhibits (i) and (ii) below. (b) Takes the form of a new minister of a new “border security” and “crime reduction” portfolio–to repeat for emphasis, both border security and crime. But the causal link between the two are rejected by the progressive imagination. However, they are the principal motive force of the dissident right in North America and the European Peninsula. The position may as well be titled Minister of Alt-Right Populist Out-Break Policy Containment.

(i) In an www.msn.com story titled ‘Not Canadian’: Hussen, MacLeod exchange sharp words over asylum seeker ‘crisis’, Peter Zimonjic writes:

[…] Minister Ahmed Hussen openly criticiz[ed] the Ontario government for what he called a dangerous and un-Canadian approach to the issue of asylum seekers, or, more precisely, thought-crime.

“They’ve chosen to use false language with respect to so-called queue-jumping, when we have told them over and over again there is no such thing,” Hussen told reporters in Winnipeg at the closing press conference.

“Asylum seekers are processed in a separate queue at the IRB and all the other regular immigration programs are processed by IRCC, and conflating the two knowingly is irresponsible, it’s divisive, it’s fearmongering and it’s not Canadian, and it’s very dangerous” […]


(ii) In a toronto.sun.com story titled LILLEY: Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle about winning GTA seats Brian Lilley writes:

[…] After spending the last few weeks insisting there is no border problem and implying those that questioned the Liberals were racist or unCanadian, Trudeau has appointed a minister.
Blair will be charged with being a calm voice as the Trudeau Liberals battle Premier Ford and, to a degree, Toronto Mayor John Tory on this issue

Draw your own conclusions.

yours &c.
dr. g.v. wilkes iv

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