North American Cultural Revolution Develops Apace as Disney Fires James Gunn Director of Guardians of the Galaxy I and II for Offensive Tweets

Another public shaming with ritual expulsion occurs. But this time the offender is progressive edgy-cool all-the-correct-opinions film director James Gunn and not a centre-righter, e.g. Judge Ryan Bounds whose nomination to the Ninth Circuit was ignominiously withdrawn because of college writings with views inconsistent with the progressive-consensus. A stagist could argue that the revolution has entered its Terror phase when it begins to purge itself.

A play in two might acts of tragedy but mostly irony.

Act I:


Act II:

The problem with progressivism is that it progresses. What is revolutionary hence liberating at one stage of the objective process becomes backward, reactionary, and inhibiting in the next stage or stages as the objective process of revolution continues to develop along its own lines. The progressive imagination is called upon constantly to correct and update its thoughts and views.

Draw your own conclusions.

yours &c.
dr. g.v. wilkes iv

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