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Pursue a 50-State Strategy in Lieu of Red and Blue: Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Call on Progressives to Re-Draw the Electoral Map on Basis of Class

As Mid-terms approach the most pressing issue of our time in North America and the European Peninsula is mass immigration. But House Democrats–office holders, the so-called establishment because they are established–plan to make a great noise about health care and prescription drug costs, infrastructure spending, and charges of Republican corruption. The populist left urges yet another plan equally at odds with reality: mobilize the poor and working classes without respect to race or region against the so-called 1%. Continue reading

US GDP soars to 4.1%; a moribund .3% is the Canadian figure–Time Has Arrived To Ask Ourselves Why

US GDP soars to 4.1%; a moribund .3% is the Canadian figure, which is actually negative when you factor population growth. Until 2015 Canadian economic performance tracked with U.S. performance. This is no longer the case. Texas, for example, suffers a critical labour shortage because of an energy boom; yet the precise opposite is the case in energy rich Alberta. Alberta has yet to recover even two thirds of its energy production in terms of revenue prior to the crash events that announced the Great Recession.

It is time to begin asking ourselves why. Continue reading

North American Cultural Revolution Develops Apace as Disney Fires James Gunn Director of Guardians of the Galaxy I and II for Offensive Tweets

Another public shaming with ritual expulsion occurs. But this time the offender is progressive edgy-cool all-the-correct-opinions film director James Gunn and not a centre-righter, e.g. Judge Ryan Bounds whose nomination to the Ninth Circuit was ignominiously withdrawn because of college writings with views inconsistent with the progressive-consensus. A stagist could argue that the revolution has entered its Terror phase when it begins to purge itself. Continue reading

Frank Newport of Gallup: “Over a Third of Republicans Say Immigration is Top Problem”

U.S. Mid-term elections take place this November. Immigration is the top issue for both centre-left and centre-right, but especially the right and the dissident right of Trump supporter nationalists and civic nationalists. So what is the message that will rescue our troubled republic according to House Democrats? We will reduce prescription drug and healthcare costs, and spend more on bridges and light rail, for the people. Continue reading

Sectarian Civil War across the entire Shia Crescent from Beirut to Sana’a enters exciting new phase as Tel Aviv-Riyadh Axis-of-Stupid begins its propaganda offensive against the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Arabian Peninsula is in chaos as the Prime Minister of Lebanon was forced to resign only to recant once he had escaped back to his country, eleven Saudi princes were arrested, held by Blackstone Mercenaries, and one was strung up upside down, and a helicopter carrying eight high level officials and the estimable Prince Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz crashed near the border with Yemen. Action must be taken to consolidate a coherent line of reason before allies and enemies alike react. So House of Saud Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman telephones shameless propagandist-ideologist Thomas L. Friedman. In a NYT article titled Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring, at Last; The crown prince has big plans to bring back a level of tolerance to his society, Friedman writes: Continue reading