Liber.rhetoricae means “book of rhetoric.”

The rhetoric developed here, to be developed here, or developing here, is Platonic in character and content. Connection is my primary concern, how one connects to another, how the one connects to the many, or, in some cases, how the one connect to the many. Argument and form as points of connection is what interests me. Rhetorical argument–enthymeme, and paradigm–is my unit of analysis. My method is to draw conclusions on comparative grounds.

Caption: The first principle of persuasion is to ground your arguments in the goals, norms, and values, of your audience.

Blog entries constitute case studies, found objects, speculations, and instances of analysis. All of our conclusions are tentative; all of our claims are hypotheses. Nothing I write here represents the views of any institution with which I am associated. My views, thoughts, and opinions expressed here are personal.

The rhetoric I use here is minimal. It reduces to but a few terms and concepts:

rhetorical logic

the paradigm–argument from example or examples

the enthymeme–”the ‘body’ of all artistic rhetorical proof”

concept: locus or loci
concept: face
concept: alibi figure
concept: ingenium-ratio
concept: line
concept: space
concept: propaganda, mass compliance, manipulation
concept: time

cyclical time in systems theory
history and the four master tropes
law of analogy


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