concept: time

Symbol: The moon and its cycles.

For moderns time is linear and continuous.

In our own experience or in traditional understanding time is discontinuous, cyclical, and obeys cyclical laws.

From Rene Guenon’s Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times:

[…] the second observation is connected with the descending direction of the cyclical movement, insofar as this movement is regarded as the chronological expression of a process of manifestation that implies a gradual separation from the principle […]

[…] The descending movement of manifestation, an d consequently that of the cycle of which it is an expression, takes place away from the positive or essential pole of existence toward its negative or substantial pole, and the result is that all things must progressively take on a decreasingly qualitative and increasingly quantitative aspect; and that is why the last period of the cycle must show a very special tendency toward the establishment of a reign of quantity […]

[…] The decrease is known to be proportionate to the numbers 4, 3, 2, 1, their total, 10, comprising the entire cycle; human life itself is moreover well known to be considered as growing shorter from one age to another, which amounts to saying that life passes by with ever-increasing rapidity from the beginning to the end of a cycle […]

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