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US GDP soars to 4.1%; a moribund .3% is the Canadian figure–Time Has Arrived To Ask Ourselves Why

US GDP soars to 4.1%; a moribund .3% is the Canadian figure, which is actually negative when you factor population growth. Until 2015 Canadian economic performance tracked with U.S. performance. This is no longer the case. Texas, for example, suffers a critical labour shortage because of an energy boom; yet the precise opposite is the case in energy rich Alberta. Alberta has yet to recover even two thirds of its energy production in terms of revenue prior to the crash events that announced the Great Recession.

It is time to begin asking ourselves why. Continue reading

Further Evidence that Immigration is Top Issue in North America: Liberal Party Cabinet Shuffle in Response to Electoral Blow-Out for the Progressive Conservatives Under Doug Ford in Ontario

The most urgent issue among the Atlantic Basin states of the European Peninsula and North America? Mass immigration. But our elites who observe us from the commanding heights of our post-industrial information-based societies–Universities, NGOs, the executives, top managers, and human resources departments of large corporations, and mass-media and mass-entertainment producers–forbid at risk of relentless public shaming, deplatforming, and loss of livelihood, any talk of it let alone sustained and programmatic deliberation on the issue.

So how are electoral formations–governments, office-holders–reacting to the verdicts of angry electorates? With two methods: Continue reading